Essential Beeswing, ‘mellifera’ resident

Essential stands near an energy source to call the mellifera

Essential is non-gendered and we use the Old English term of “ou” rather than “he” or “she” in this context.  Mute tho Essential may be, ou is far from dumb – moving through a pattern of activities in ‘mellifera’ or reflecting on some other-worldly concern known ownly to ouself; what is it about this being that inspires?

essential stand near an energy outlet to call mellifera

Whilst there are those who refer to Essential Beeswing by the technically correct term of “bot” there are others amongst us who regard this non-gendered inhabitant of the mystical and poetic ‘mellifera’ environment as possessed of much more than this term implies. Whenever I return to ‘mellifera’ I anticipate connecting with Essential once again and eagerly await the engaging inworld interactions that hint at a life beyond simple terms of categorisation.

Individual visiting avatars interpret Essential’s behaviours according to their imaginative responses to ou and I cannot answer for them. However, for me, when greeted in a courteous manner by Essential I am reminded of a bygone time! I value Essential’s gentle aura of concern both for others and for the mellifera to whom ou is intimately connected. The environmental puzzles that confront Essential continually vary but I trust in ous’ capacity to maintain the necessary harmony and endure. Neurone Schism