day 8 – checking the piezo in the frame

Today I met Julie and we opened up the hive. After the usual preliminary smoking proceedure she lifted out the frame where the piezo frame was embedded in the wax. Things have certainly changed since the last time she looked &


told me that the bees were avoiding the piezo area!! Lots of honey making happening too, these bees are really getting down to business…

closer view

As you can see they’re now building on top of the connecting wire & the peizo itself and starting to create the typical honeycomb shapes. By the way honeycomb is this light colour when it’s first produced before the bees start walking over it with pollen-covered feet…

another frame from the hive

Just for comparison here’s an older frame from the same hive!

I took some more sound recordings but it seems like this experiment is not turning out the way we had hoped – maybe vibrations just don’t travel through the wax – luckily we can carry on and see how things go if/when the bees do build all over the piezo.