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mellifera : neoNascent

mellifera : neoNascent

mellifera : neoNascent is a rebirth of the mellifera environment on the OpenSim platform. Inspired by an invitation to show mellifera at this years Freeplay Festival in Melbourne we have completely reworked the environment and also created a new version of mellifera – echoes of travels in new territories (2010). You can visit us at Freeplay or online in ReactionGrid (Caerleon-Mnmemosyne region)

‘mellifera_extensions’ @ RMIT Virtual Reality Centre

'mellifera_extensions' @ RMIT Virtual Reality Centre

‘mellifera_extensions’ will move on from the earlier exhibition last year at ‘the block’ and on-line. Please join us at RMIT Virtual Reality Centre gallery of you are in Melbourne or inworld if not. There will  also be a one off screening at Federation Square on Thursday 8 April, following the show opening and forum earlier […]