Andrew Burrell

Andrew Burrell is a hybrid media artist and writer working across the disciplines of sculpture, installation, sound and the written word. He is currently based in Sydney and exhibits regularly both locally and internationally. He works with interactive audio/visual sculpture and installation in both the physical and real-time interactive 3d environments, such as secondlife. Much of his practice revolves around the collection, writing and representation of narrative “fictions” and the interplay of art, philosophy, technology and the life sciences.

He was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy in 2005 by the University of Sydney, his thesis was titled “Notes in Preparation for the End of Time: Memory, Collecting and Narrative.” As well as practice based research he continues to investigate conceptual and theoretical concerns that underlie his practice, and is interested in developing and promoting the unique voice of the artists in traditional academic environments. He recently presented as an invited speaker at the International Association of Philosophy and Literature’s annual conference.

One of his many concerns within the mellifera project is the notion of looking at what might constitute something being ‘native’ to an environment like secondlife, and what questions this may pose in relation to a sense and definition of self.

His practice is documented at